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Jim Jones - York Region Councillor | Jim Jones Election
Jim Jones - York Region Councillor | Jim Jones Election
Jim Jones, Markham, Election, Regional Counselor, re-elect
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Dear Markham Neighbours,

I have been working on your behalf of you for 27 years, and have always tried to intelligently balance the growth of our community while keeping Markham a desirable place in which to live, work, play and raise our children. Over the next 25-30 years another 5 million people will be moving into the GTA including over 300,000 additional people in Markham and we must be ready. We must plan for a significant increase in higher density which must be located around train stations.

My vision is to bury the 407 high voltage hydro transmission lines, build the approved high-speed (80-160 kph) elevated 407 rail transitway. Re-purpose these lands for the highest and best use. Strategically plan the 407 corridor for high-rise, mixed use, pedestrian orientated, complete rail integrated communities stations. Bottom line for you, is that you can live, work, play and move around more freely within Toronto and the GTA.

I am committed to work with all levels of government to improve services, infrastructure, facilities, organization and process efficiencies, I will:

  1. Create a task force to look at right-sizing municipal, regional, boards of education and NGOs (such as TRCA government)
  2. Bury 407 hydro transmission lines, amend the Yonge Street & 407 Transitway EAs (could save close to $1 billion at Yonge Subway/407 Station alone)
  3. Plan the 407 Inter City Express rail integrated communities’ corridor to accommodate future population growth and reduce urban sprawl
  4. Implement an affordable housing strategy for the 407/GO RIC stations corridor
  5. Create industries in urban vertical farming, autonomous transit vehicles and high paying IIOT tech jobs
  6. Build the Yonge Subway extension now, remove the dependency on the Downtown Relief Line by re-purposing the Richmond Hill and Stouffville GO lines
  7. Involve the Private Sector Partnerships (P3) in the creation of a crown corporation to develop the 407 ICE RIC
  8. Involve the private sector (P3) for infrastructure facilities like arenas, sporting facilities, sewer and water system in East Gwillimbury, etc
  9. I do not support a Region or Municipal Land Transfer Tax
  10. Transform Richmond GO line into the Yonge Street Express with stations at Queen, Bloor, Eglinton, Sheppard Subways and John Street
  11. Sale of marijuana should be controlled by the Markham’s zoning by-law permitted locations


Over the last 4 years I have chaired Markham’s Development Services Committee, Feasibility Study to bury 407 hydro lines and build 407 rail transitway, vice chair of York Region’s Transportation Committee. Founding chair of the Markham Centre Plan , Langstaff Centre Plan, Markham 1996 Olympic Games bid, 2014 York Region Commonwealth Games Bid, CSIO Bid. In 2012, created I-Metro-E rail transit concept (which turned into John Tory’s Smart Track). I created and chaired Main Street Unionville Vision Plan.


I have been working for you as either your Federal Member of Parliament, a member of Markham Council, or a Markham member on York Region Council for 27 years. I enjoy the experience and appreciate your confidence in me as much today as when you first elected me. Previously, I worked for 28 years at IBM in finance, sales, national marketing and technical support. I am a professional accountant and a Ryerson business grad. I believe that this experience has helped me to understand the perspective of business people as well as the needs of the residents.


I would most appreciate your vote on Monday, October 12 – 22nd, 2018 for Markham Regional Councillor or before through internet voting for Markham Regional Councillor. I thank you for your past support.


Respectfully Yours,

Jim Jones, Markham Regional Councillor




我的願景是 移除407旁邊的高壓輸電線路,建造經批准的高速(80~160公里)高架407軌道,重新規劃這些土地來達到最高和最有效的運用。策略性的規劃407廊帶為高樓層混合用途,以行人為導向的完整鐵路綜合社區站。對您來說,最重要的是 您可以在多倫多和大多區(GTA) 生活、工作、娛樂和自由地四處走動。



  1. 召集一個專案小組來重組市和區政府、教育委員會和非政府組織(例如 TRACA 和 SRCA)
  2. 掩蔽407輸電線路,修改央街和407的公交車道(單是在央街地鐵/407站 就可以節省10億元)
  3. 規劃407城市捷運綜合社區走廊以容納未來的人口增長,並減低城市不規則地擴散。
  4. 為407/GO 鐵路綜合社區(RIC)車站廊帶實施實惠的房屋策略。
  5. 在城市的垂直農業、自動交通工具和高薪工業物聯網技術工作中創造行業。
  6. 立刻建造央地鐵延長線,通過重新設計烈治文山和斯多夫維爾GO線來消除對DRL(市區救援線)的依賴。
  7. 以公私合作夥伴(P3) 創建一個公營企業來開發407 ICE (城市捷運) RIC (鐵路綜合社區)。
  8. 以公私合作夥伴(P3)提供基礎設施,例如溜冰場、體育館、下水道和供水系統等。
  9. 我反對地區或市政府的土地轉讓稅。
  10. 銷售大麻應由萬錦市作出法律規定。


在過去的八年裡,我一直擔任萬錦市的發展服務委員會主席、約克地區交通委員會副主席、萬錦市中心計劃、朗斯塔夫中心計劃的創始主席、萬錦市1996年奧運會申辦、2014年約克地區聯邦運動會競標、CSIO 競標、創建 I-Metrio-E 軌道交通(轉型為John Tory 的智能軌道)、和於人村主街(緬街)願景研究。




請于2018年10月12 – 22日投票日開始 ,投我一票 再次成為萬錦區議員,衷心感謝您的支持!




Jim Jones/Markham Regional Councillor