Jim Jones - York Region Councillor | Affordable “Rail Integrated Communities” Housing
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Affordable “Rail Integrated Communities” Housing

Rail integrated communities is the essence of modern urban planning. It is about creating attractive, walkable urbanism and sustainable mixed use high density RIC stations. It allows our residents to have convenient, affordable housing and transportation choices. Creating great public realm, a pleasant place to live for our kids to play and for our parents to grow old comfortably.


Fact: The 19.6 km Canada Line in Vancouver does 136,000 riders a day with 2 car trainsets, 18 trains/hour, with 16 station stops on 40/50 metre station platforms. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, averaged 229,000 passengers a day for 17 days and one day reached a high of 272,000 passengers. The 7 GO rail lines in 2017 totally averaged 212,304 passengers a day, Union Pearson Express (UPX) does 7,500 passengers a day with 4 stations.

All Aboard Florida – Miami station over road integrated into mixed-use development complex


We need to optimize existing rail transit assets, deliver more frequent train service, more station stops, shorter platforms and shorter trainsets to our communities, build stations over region roads and go directly to hydrogen trains on certain GO lines to save the cost of electrication.

  • Complete mixed-use high-rise rail integration communities at all 407 ICE/GO rail stations
  • Plan RIC rail stations to be net zero in energy and carbon neutral
  • Optimize land use in 407 transit way corridor and at GO Stations:
    • Build mixed use development train stations over region roads
    • Bury storm ponds, transformer station and put parks on top
    • Urbanize 407 interchanges and build urban schools
    • Paid parking structures at all RIC & GO stations within 3 min walk
    • Autonomous vehicles at 407 ICE/GO stations to handle FM/LM issues
Vertical Garden City