Jim Jones - York Region Councillor | Re-Union Station
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Re-Union Station

Creating Something From Nothing!

Existing transit EAs prevent high-rise developement in the Yonge St. / 407 area, so my plan includes:

  • Underground the hydro transmission lines
  • Keep Yonge Subway on Yonge Street
  • Keep 407 Transitway in 407 right of way
  • Build Yonge Station between Hwy 7 & 407
  • Each building manages own storm water
  • Build 8 acre winter garden over 407 Hwy
  • Preferred alignment savings is $1.0 Billion
  • Land Value Capture – 170 acres – $2.0 Billion
407 hydro transmission lines today at Yonge Street and Hwy 7

Re-Union Station – Winter Garden over the 407

Eliminate the barriers caused by Hwy 407/7 and the hydro transmission lines between Markham and Richmond Hill by building an eight acre winter garden over the 407 highway and bring the two communities together as one.

Bridging the 407 divide creates a functional visually appealing place.

Re-Union Station – Integrating 350 acres (Markham/Vaughan/Richmond Hill) into one community of 100,000 people and 100,000 jobs

  • Creating a ICE rail integrated community where people will have access to professional sports, major entertainment, convention centres, trade shows, hotels, universities, shopping, jobs, dining, night life and high quality residential living
  • Eliminate one subway stop (saves $350 million) and implement an autonomous vehicle transit strategy in its place
  • Transit rich – Yonge Subway, 407 ICE rail transitway, re-purposed Richmond Hill GO Line, VIVA BRT and YRT
Bury the hydro lines and create a $25 billion economic opportunity at Yonge Street site.