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Jim Jones - York Region Councillor | Connected Communities
Jim Jones - York Region Councillor | Connected Communities
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Connected Communities

Optimize All Assets - Lands, Roads, Infrastructure, & Technology

Principles – values

  1. Develop complete, high-rise, mixed-use, pedestrian oriented, Rail Integrated Communities that serve residents every day needs – you won’t have to use your car to do your daily shopping needs!
  2. Integrated autonomous vehicle networks to handle first mile/last mile for both passengers and local corridor freight requirements – this saves space for parking lots – your car will drive itself home
  3. Goal is to have a 80% (modal split) of all trips made on foot, by bicycle, by autonomous vehicles or using public transport in the corridor
  4. Paid parking structures within a 3 minute walk from RIC train stations
  5. Create vertical lifestyle living as great as horizontal lifestyle living
  6. Trails, parks and play fields throughout of the ICE RIC corridor
  7. Social equity-transportation & housing (10% affordable housing)
  8. High-rise mixed-use buildings around all rail transit stations
  9. Integrate digital IOT (internet of things) into the physical infrastructure
  10. Locate hospitals, universities, colleges, urban elementary and high schools, government buildings & major destinations in ICE Corridor
  11. Driverless automatic train operation (ATO) – auto coupling/uncoupling, load balancing, dynamic scheduling – means everything is automatic
  12. Trains will operate every 3-5 minutes during peak hours
  13. Bury transformer stations, stormwater ponds and put parks on top
  14. Development based on the principles of biomimicry (nature) technology
  15. Build winter gardens and urban vertical farming over the 407 where appropriate and, integrated into ICE RIC stations
  16. 407 ICE RIC corridor will be planned with total public involvement
  17. Lands will be sold at ICE RIC zoned value when 407 ICE rail transit exist

Imperatives – what needs to happen

  1. Create a Public Private Partnership (P3) Corporation using Hong Kong’s Rail+Property model based on business commercial principles (Corp can be in other businesses, can’t rely on fare box)
  2. Amend Yonge Subway Extension EA based on no hydro lines and the TTC Subway alignment staying on Yonge Street.
  3. Amend 407 Transitway EA for high speed rail transit bypass BRT
  4. 407 ICE corridor is 140+ kilometres long, 45+ RIC stations from Oshawa to Milton with branch to Pearson Airport and Hamilton Lakeshore.
  5. Re-purpose the 407 hydro transmission lands to highest & best use
  6. All 407 ICE RIC stations system boards should be scalable and have the same functionality which could include solar, geothermal, district energy, central garbage collection system, energy from waste, smart buildings, IOT backbone network, free Wi-fi, etc.
  7. ICE runs 4 cars trainsets, (capable of carrying 20,000 riders a hour in both directions), maximum station platforms -150 metre
  8. Go to hydrogen trains and eliminate electrical infrastructure costs.
  9. Integrated fare collection system to handle all transit activities
  10. Tax levies within 500 metres of ICE stations stays with RIC project
  11. Ontario government needs to enact tax incremental financing legislation for the 407 ICE RIC project, Stouffville GO line (Smart Track), Richmond Hill GO line and Yonge Subway extension
  12. Optimize assets (land, buildings, roads, infrastructure, and technology)
  13. Ontario government finance required studies (TBD)
  14. Ontario government up front the burying of the hydro transmission lines and recovers through land value capture
  15. Shovels in the ground by April 1, 2021 to start construction of this 407 ICE RIC project