Jim Jones - York Region Councillor | North to Highway 407 & 7… Yonge Subway Extension
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North to Highway 407 & 7… Yonge Subway Extension

Yonge Subway Extension Cost is approximately $4 billion – dependent on Downtown Relief Line.

In 2014, the Ontario Government announced plans to build the Yonge Subway extension, electrify all the GO Transit rail lines, and move to an all day train service operating at 15 minute frequency within the next 10 years. Toronto is now insisting that the downtown relief line be built and operating one day before the Yonge Subway extension to Hwy 7 is open.



  • Extension of the Yonge Subway is environmentally friendly, cost efficient and the least disruptive to Thornhill residents.
  • Yonge Subway extension is critical part of the GTA transit network.
  • The alternative to the Yonge Subway extension is an additional 26 lanes of car traffic for north/south streets like Bathurst, Bayview, Leslie and Yonge
  • Downtown Relief line is not the total solution for York Region unless it goes up Woodbine to Hwy 7 or beyond
  • York Region GO lines into Toronto are under utilized transit assets
  • Government is spending more money on long distance rail transit solutions versus solving local transit problems (therefore gridlock)



  • Build the Yonge Subway now by redirecting funding already set aside for the high speed rail to Windsor – need to eliminate the dependency on the downtown relief line (DRL)
  • Re-purpose the Richmond Hill, Stouffville and other GO lines to subway type service to off load the heavy used Yonge Subway line.
  • Richmond Hill GO and Stouffville GO lines should be planned to operate at 3-5 headways at peak times and 18 hours a day.
  • Connectivity: GO trains should stop at all subways, LTRs and major bus line crossings; reducing the need for all passengers ending up at Union Station.
  • Organize a world class station design competition for the major destination hub at Yonge Street and Highway 7/404